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Meet Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope. I am 10 years old and I live at Everything Little Farm in Perkasie Pa with my 5 horse sisters, 3 horse brothers and of course my humans too, but they live in the house. I love being the center of attention and when I visit kids or the elderly, I feel so warm inside. My mom always says, I'm naughty but really I'm just misunderstood. I'd much rather be in my "Mini" van with the music playing, and hitting the starbucks drive thru. Much better then the hay, and cold dark trailers the other horses have to use! I hope you have me out to visit! It brightens my day!   

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About Donna

Mother and daughter team who have been riding all their lives. At age 50, I wanted a mini horse for her birthday. A few weeks later a call came in that a malnourished mini horse needed rescuing. She was used as a companion horse to bring another horse here from the west. They would send her to the auction if no one wanted her. So off we drove to see her. When we got there we knew we would take her home, only issue was that we didn't have a horse trailer. The farm owner said, we can take care of that and hoisted Penelope into the mini van by her tail. We named her Penelope and at the time she was only 18 months old. Before we got home we knew we would need to come up with solutions to a few problems. Problem one, was that we lived in Levittown in a postage stamp of a backyard. We came up with the solution that we would turn Kelsey's old dollhouse that was now a shed into her stall. Problem 2 was that my husband didn't know. Like any good italian, crazy news goes better with food. . . so on the way home I would stop to pick up a pizza. I parked in the no parking zone so that I could keep a close eye on the horse in my mini van and wouldn't you know as I was coming out, I was stopped by a cop. He comes to my window and asks for my license and registration and I start talking fast about how I would never pull in a non-parking zone, but that we just rescued a horse and I didn't know what she would do, and with that Penelope took a step forward and the cop started belly laughing. He ripped up the ticket and told us to have a great day. Penelope loved her life in Levittown. The school kids would walk home and greet her, and she had full roam of our backyard and undivided attention. After a year, it became too hard bagging the manure and taking it to a dumpster. We found a farmette in Perkasie that we purchased and would call our home. At first, Penelope wasn't too thrilled. She liked being the only equine child, but she quickly got use to it. So became Everything Little Farm. A dream come true for the Beers' family to own their own farm. Penelope was the one who set it all into motion! 


About Kelsey

After graduating from Arcadia University with a degree in Elementary Education, Kelsey decided to take her career in a different direction. Combining her love of horses with her love of children and teaching, Everything Little Farm and Penelope's Helping Hooves were created. Still using her degree, just in a non conventional way, and combining her love of teaching with equines. Now it is coming full circle as the children she teaches riding to at Everything Little Farm are now volunteering with Penelope's Helping Hooves when we visit the different nursing homes. The children are now teaching the residents about horse, which at one point I taught them.  It's a joy to be able to share this love alongside my mom.    

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